Welcome to The Living Art

At present, when living is not just living, people are looking for something to fulfill their life. When it comes to living, furniture are expected more than just function but also design, which can please people by just looking and even more when interact with it. Furniture becomes as an art piece that people use for decorating their places such as homes, offices, galleries, hotels, restaurants, etc. Furniture can also represent the taste of the owners or image of the firms where it's belong to. Therefore we have searching the world for the best quality, design, sources, as well as updating trend and technology, to ensure that our customer would meet beyond their need. Our products including living, lighting, dining, office, etc. are manufactured by the expertise in each fields, who had experience for decades, with the standard regulation by each countries. Leather and fabric are also well treated and selected for each particular pieces. Then they are well contained and shipped to our showroom from all parts of the world for our customer.  :)

This is the art of living that we have brought to you.